CP Singh

CP Singh

(Bachelors in Computer Science, Postgraduate in Advanced Hardware)

A bachelor in computer science with masters in Advanced Hardware, Mr. CP Singh is an enthusiast and a task person with an avid passion to persistently perform and deliver ace results. He is the Co-founder and Group CTO to SITG (Smile Interactive Technologies Group). SITG Group started as a Multimedia Organization that later turned into an Internet organization with the help of his vision. With his competence, SITG became the pioneers of providing digital services like live broadcast over the internet and mobile and first point roll ads on internet sites. His technical expertise stem out of years of experience with managing Internet technology for some of the world’s leading brands such as Microsoft, Monster, GM, Honda, General Electric, Sony, L.G etc. He has worked on startups like MakeMyTrip (India’s largest travel portal) which has revolutionized the online travel industry. He was also instrumental in developing e-commerce for Lgezbuy (India’s largest e-commerce site) and Microsoft Store in India. Within Smile Group, he has incubated technology for Tyroo ( Media), Zoomtra ( Travel) , HealthPA ( Health). He has also help set up e-commerce ventures in SMILE group with his exceptional expertise, which include FashionAndYou (FNY), DealsAndYou (DnY).

Mr. CP Singh is passionate about technology and is now moving towards extending the digital to the devices. He has started a new venture under the name of “Smart Group”. One of the major Incubation of Smart Group is “Smart Automation” which provides solutions for automation of intelligent and efficient smart buildings. He is keen on building new and innovative technologies and business for Machine to Machine commerce with SAS offering. He is also fervent to grow and increase entrepreneurship for the digital industry in India, inviting entrepreneurs and professionals to chase their dream projects by incubating them with experience, technology infrastructure and seed funds.


Vibhore Srivastava

Co-Founder and Chief Alliance Officer
(BE in Electronics, PGDM in Marketing)

Multiple segments coalesce to give shape to home automation solutions; excelling at every aspect of the complete process involves robust management. Vibhore Srivastava is at the steering, creating alliance-based business models, thereby creating synergistic relationships and consequently capitalizing upon the core competencies.

Srivastava has 15 plus experience in handling projects in the electrical and telecom industry. He has pioneered cost effective solutions in the telecom industry. Over the years, during his extended career, he established long term business relationship with the giants of different industry segments such as HCL, Wipro, LG, Bharti, India Towers, and more.

Srivastava is at the Board of Directors for 5 large corporations.