Var India – Wednesday, 14th August 2013

Managed Security services provider, SMART 24X7 has launched an application “Panic” Button, designed for Android operating system for smartphones. The key feature about this Android safety app is that it helps the user to connect with their reliable contacts automatically whenever they are in trouble or need to find help for someone around them. It is an emergency alert system that allows to send multiple messages, images, videos, sound bites and current location status to near and dear ones automatically alerting them of the emergency situation just at the press of a button.

Though, sexual harassment has terrorized women to such an extent that going out alone or working late is a challenge for them. This is affecting their overall productivity and is posing threat to organizational growth too. To fix these fears and make a difference that would bring real freedom for these women, we decided to develop an app which is smart and cater to increasing security issues, said CP Singh, Founder & Chief Mentor, Smart Group.

SMART Group believes that this technology will prove to be of great help in curbing issues like assaults on women, ragging in colleges, medical emergencies, road accidents, any personal security threat and so on. During any crisis, this app sends an SMS notification to all the primary contact numbers as well as Network Operation Centre (NOC).