The Asian Age : December 6, 2013


For most of us, the kitchen is the focal entertaining spot in the home. But it is also the place where multi-tasking is essential. From preparing, cooking and serving food while keeping up the friendly chat can be quite challenging. Anything that provides a bit more efficiency in the kitchen is a huge relief to a host.

So what happens when you mix a home-wide automation system with world-class kitchen appliances? You get a perfect blend of technology and art that delights gadget geeks and foodies alike. Therefore, devices with automated programs are now being installed in kitchens to make the cooking process interesting, quick and safer. Let’s look at the way we can spruce up our kitchens.

Biometric Drawers & Cupboards: There is no need to pull cupboards and drawers open and shut. Brush the drawer or wave your hand and the door will open. Want to control access to a cupboard that has sharp knives, poisonous products or alcohol? Add a biometric scanner to restrict access to only the people who can be trusted. Other features include ‘intelligent memory’ that senses the need to close multiple drawers and reverses the opening order, and the ability to program cabinets to close as you exit the kitchen.

Appliances: Some parts of automating appliances can be very basic. For example, you can put power controls on devices like coffee makers. Kill the power from anywhere in the world using your smart phone. On the other hand, you can start your coffee maker from touch screen in the bedroom and have it ready by the time you get ready.

Internet refrigerators, also called Net Fridges, are basically refrigerators with a connection to the Internet. Some have a full built-in computer complete with hard drive, and others have Internet access through a limited number of applications. They include a touch screen, speakers and Wi-Fi connections. Popular applications include memo writing, calendar scheduling, accessing online and personal recipes, weather reports, listening to music and notification of low or expiring foods.

Audio and video: Think of all the time you spend in the kitchen and how music can make it better. An audio system controlled by a touch pad should be part of your basic equipment. Besides this, you can catch your favourite afternoon TV shows or call up a recipe on the Internet through a screen in the kitchen.

Lighting: Good work light in the kitchen is important, but after the work is done you may not want it that bright. A zoned dimmer system is the answer. Energy-efficient LED lights can brighten up the counters, while diffused ceiling lights give you good general illumination. Dim them any way you choose from your touch panel.

So, let this be your opportunity to give yourself a kitchen that will be a conversation starter and the envy of your neighbours. The writer is founder of SMART Automation